I’m a bit puzzled as to how the docs are organised. Is there a reason why:


both exist with one having rather more properties and methods than the other?

Also, it would be helpful if the documentation PDFs that come with the app download could have page numbers for the sections rather than just section numbers, and that these page number could be clickable to take me to that page.

I am getting the hang of all this, nevertheless.

Look close on the page for the top reference and you see that it is for iOS while the bottom reference is for desktop use.

Hi Tim, welcome. You join us at an interesting transition from Xojo’s old framework to their new one. The iOS target uses only the new framework, documented at Other platforms can use the old framework (documented at and part of the new framework.

Eventually all platforms will use the new framework but until then, I can see that it’s a confusing for newcomers. Stick with it, you’ll find no faster way to create apps.

Thanks, Gavin.

I’ve got other Q’s but I’ll make fresh posts for those.

Not only new comers…

Yes. Getting everything on the new framework can’t come fast enough.

It’s a work in progress and more gets moved over there all the time
Pauls been a busy person making this happen

Yes. My license stopped on March 30 (or 31), 2015, and so I do not run often other, more recent version(s).

That is the reason why I wrote “Not only new comers…”. I must wrote: “not only Xojo new comers, but 64 bits new comers…”.

But most of you certainly knows that better than me.