Documentation “Titlecase”

I use LiveText and most of the time the text I have is all UPPERCASE…

So, I add a small window with a TextArea and 3 buttons to transform that to standard text (yesterday afternoon).

The window’s DesktopButtons are:

After doing the first change to “Whole text to LowerCase), I wanted to set the TitleCases…

In French, the only place an UpperCase character is needed (nearly, in standard text, excepted acronyms) is the first character of the first word of a sentence, and names…
So, when you select the E (from Emile), it is faster to type Shift-E instead of a click in the button… :wink:


The documentation as it is in Xojo and on line states:

Titlecase As String

Returns the String passed to it with all alphabetic characters in Titlecase.

Converts all characters in a String to lowercase characters and then converts the first character of each word to uppercase. Numbers are not affected.

The first sentence is misleading (not to say it is false). When people read the whole quote, they understand, but if you read only the first sentence…

The documentation talks about numbers (left unchanged), but the whole text (even ASCII) hold (far) more than just digits and Alphabetic characters (A-Z and a-z)…

Usually Émile is spelled… Émile (not my first name: it shows Emile in the “Book of Birth”…) What happens when you set TitleCase to émile ? (not tested, can’t right now).

Last, but not list …

At the documentation page, you can read:

Docs for the Xojo programming language and IDE
What’s old in this sentence ?

Have a nice week folks…

There is no general rule or standard that applies to a ‘Title case’ function or method:

Xojo’s string.Titlecase does handle diacritical marks:

The documentation’s search function points me to a deprecated method first…

Documentation pointing to the deprecated method:

Always, until you start with the right prefix… String.TitleCase

The whole sentence is:
“The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog.”

With time some create a song…

Wikipedia reference:

Was it the base of the Xojo implementation ?

Opening event is unknow here:

So, using external to Xojo reference may not be pertinent.

An internet search returns nothing for Opening (Grand Opening for the <event_name> season, where the event name can be music, theater, whatever). I searched at w3schools and get: