Documentation - Serial

I don’t find the new documentation nearly as helpful as the old version. Compare these two links:

Old: OLD (Serial)

New: New SerialConnection

The old documentation has a whole bunch of code samples, description of operation and notes right at the beginning. The new documentation you have to scroll through all the events, properties and methods to get to similar data. It seems like the notes on implementation should come first, or at minimum right after the list of events, properties and methods.

IMHO the new serial connection is not nearly as clear as the old one. There is not a clear example how to assign the port, open it and communicate. The old class was so much cleaner… In the current the data is scattered everywhere. I think this is especially difficult for someone new to Xojo.

There are things I also prefer about the layout of the old documentation, especially the events, properties and methods being on separate pages, instead of being detailed on the main page. However, it should be noted that they are currently looking to a hire a new technical writer. Xojo: Careers


Yes, I remember seeing that which is great. I’m sure it is a big task.