Documentation for UnsortedPrimaryKeys missing?

I understand that a new mandatory method was added to the WebDataSource Interface. But I don’t find any information in the documentation, nor here on the forum. Seems to break my code w/o knowing how it it supposed to be used.

in the examples/web folder there is a project for weblistbox/webdatasource with this unsortedprimarykey. it’s scarce but functionnal.
I still don’t understand how to sort the way you want this dtaasource before displaying…
the user can sort, but not the programmer !

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Merci, Jean-Yves. I had the idea in mind to look at the example but I have others things to do at the moment.

I tried to compile with the latest version, but it is breaking the code now. For the time being, I have a different “solution”: I’ll just not update the app until the documentation will be out :wink: .

it may take quite a time… remember there is no documentation about this for a year or more !

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I hear you :frowning: , and as no one else has yet complained …

UnsortedPrimaryKeys is just asking for the same data as SortedPrimaryKeys but without the ORDER BY clause.


Thank you. So I achieved to make it work again, though what I did doesn’t make much sense. I basically only add this code to the “UnsortedPrimaryKeys” method, request by the WebDateSource Interface.

Var keys() As Integer
Return keys()

Returning “nothing” is probably not what you had in mine when designing this :-). It probably works as I’m not allowing the end-user to sort either. I need to look at the example in the Xojo folder, once I have time for it. Thank you for your swift response, at least it compiles right now.