Documentation error? WebControl coordinates

I am referring to the documentation of WebControl:

The left/top properties of a WebControl are “relative to the web page”. In a small test I discovered that this is not entirely true - they are relative to the parent WebView (which might be a container as well). Might the documentation be wrong here?

Btw: How should one report documentation errors? In Feedback? Which category?

Just came across another issue. Documentation ( says: “The size of the control has been changed.”

However, for example if I change the height of a control in code, the Resized event won’t be triggered. But this might be a framework bug as well, depending on the intended behaviour…

Just report them in feedback.

Happy to do that. I thought there was a category for the documentation in feedback once. Which product category is the best one: Website or Xojo?

Definitely Xojo as the product.