Document versioning / WYSIWYG editor markdown


We are currently using Word (docx) document in our application to store notes but we are encountering an issue where it’s hard (nearly impossible) to track changes between updates on the same document, and explicitly show changes from version 1 to version 2

So we thought about using markdown to do that but are looking for an editor really easy to use for our users.

Our needs are:

  • being able to track changes between each version and display changes precisely
  • create tables and insert images (as for the image, it will be either the base64 of the image or maybe the link to a local file but no external url)
  • should work on Windows and MacOS
  • being easy to use (with toolbar and actions like set text in bold and not directly enter double *) for our customers that are not developers at all

I have looked a bit the forum and find plenty of things but wanted to know if you had any experience with such tools or recommendation/feedback. Some posts are old about the topic.

Not an issue if it’s a paid plugin.

Thank you


@GarryPettet has a xojo opensource markdown editor

but you still have to make your own database storage and handling.
I did this for documenting my apps.
one table with a markdown editor and html conversion (and html viewer to display the help file)
I used the markdown to html converter from another user not here anymore (Dave S)
but it’s the same principle.

Thank you for the answer.

I saw this module but it’s missing an improved editor with shortcuts or buttons (bold, italic, tables, etc) for the user to click on it, like a toolbar you can see on some WYSIWYG markdown editors.

I provide GraffitiEditor, but it is HTML-based, not markdown.

Garry also made an extended text editor, that deals with fonts.

you can also take a look at FTC

but it does not generate markdown.

I looked a bit and it’s really amazing but I do not know if we can create versioning on html for users that is comprehensible and not a git like ouput.

Thank you for the link, I will test them