Document management and viewer for PDF files

My app can create PDF files. But it doesn’t have a viewer for those file. It’s easy to import everything into EagleFiler or Joplin. I would like an app which leaves the PDFs in place. I need an app for macOS and iOS.

I’ve been using DEVONthink for years. It can either import or index them in-place. It also syncs to a companion iOS app.

Have a look at the PDFViewer Example in the MBS DynaPDF folder - its a simple but working PDF Viewer…

This may not be great fro use you case but I used the MBS DynaPDF plugin to create a viewer by drawing the pages into Xojo pictures.

BTW these PDFs are stored in an PostgresSQL DB. In my case I did not want teh PDFs on the local disk so no PDF files (not even temp ones- controlled documents) are ever written to the client disk


@Chay_Wesley : how do I keep the PDFs in place?

@KarenA @Thomas_Roemert : my to-do list is too long for a PDF viewer.

Index rather than import. File menu:

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