Document icons lost with Catalina

Hello everybody,
Since I migrated to Catalina some documents generated by my xojo apps have lost icons. I’m still working with 2019 r1.1 to finish some projects.
“Lost icons” are changed in a standard file icon with the application icon inside. Could you give me a searching track ?

  • a file type confilct ?
  • a special authorization to set with Catalina ?

The strangest thing is that the problem does not impact all the applications I have developed…

Thanks for helping me…
Regards, PJG, France.

Look at your file types and make sure they all have Uniform Type Identifiers and a valid Confirms To chain. Apple has gotten more strict about this with Catalina than ever before.

Oh, and make sure those types still have an icon in the IDE.

Thanks, I’m going to take a look about that…

So, great ! It works !
After a few minutes of a brainstorming, I set UTI to “com.mycompany.myextension” and Conform To =, public.content.
Thanks a lot !

I’m not at Crapalina yet, but i think I’ll add these settings as well. Me, I’ve not looked at “Conform To” before.