Doc Icon appears too small

Hi Folks, The ICON I have created for my app appears only in the upper left corner of the spot for an ICON in the xOS Doc. I created the Icon using PowerPoint and exported it as a PNG file. The native size of the PNG is greater than 1024x1024. All of the Icons in the ICON editor within Xojo appear normal but when i run my program in the debugger, my Icon is munched (see attached). Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.


What is the dpi of that icon.

Where do you read that a macOS Icon have to be greater than 1024 x 1024 ?

What is ICON ?

What is xOS Doc ?

Version of Xojo and macOS may also help.

Using PowerPoint to design icons.

You should use Apple’s official templates, a third party template, or an app like Sam’s Iconogorapher to create properly sized images. It’s not as easy as it seems to create a Big Sur icon, and users immediately notice if you haven’t used the correct size.

As Emile mentioned, the icon is sensitive to DPI and the issue you’re seeing is usually a result of a non-72 DPI.

Yeah, I figured Powerpoint was a shortcut I should have avoided. It does not allow us to specify the dpi of the png file. And I have read in the XOJO docs that it must be 72 dpi.

I’ll use one of those other apps. Thanks.