Do you use Xojo with WiFi On, but not connected ?

Sometimes I forgot to set WiFi Off on my OS X laptop (what Windows Users will say Plane Mode On) and I get IOException:

The language reference states:

//[b]TextOutputStream[/b].Create raises an IOException if it can't open the file for some reason.

[b]IOException[/b] Raised when an IO error occurs using BinaryStream, TextOutputStream, or TextInputStream.

I use TextOutputStream for txt read / write, BinarySTream for csv read/write, SQLite I/O for larger data storage (with service data).

The application report the IOException, but let me continue, so I can save data using SQLite - Copy / Paste - Drag and Drop…

The used Xojo is 2015r1 and I narrowed down to “if WiFi is ON, I will get the IOException”.

So, my question is for the people who use Xojo with an inactive WiFi connection: did you experienced IOExceptions ?

Nota: in my 256MB Boot SSD, I moved the project folder to avoid the need of an external hard disk. That does not automatically exclude the presence of an external hard disk, but open the possibilities to many different hard disks (I mean: not always the same that can lead to the IOException). The “chances” to have a bad hard disk installed at IOException time are minimals IMHO.

Must admit, I never turn my wifi off, even if I am out of range of a router. Never had any problems. However, I am using Xojo 2014r2.1.

Must admit, I’m on a desktop and never turn my WIFI ON…

you say “laptop”… is your app attempting to use a storage device at a wireless location?
If so, then your IO exception is … “Hey! Where is that external drive you want me to use?”

I have 2 external disk’s with 2 partitions every one that count as 4 externals…
WiFI always ON and smb connection to network.
Never i have a problem with IOException.

I use Xojo with WiFi on and off, connected to the network and not. I generally dont get any issues with Xojo with WiFi on and no network. I get issues with other apps though.

Now I do tend to turn off WiFi if I am not on the network as it will save my battery life.


But I often have an external hard disk connected to this 256MB boot SSD…

So, it may be something else.

Since I cleared that boot SSD and re-install El Capitan from a fresh download (when I do that), I assume that it cannot be my boot disk (but who knows ?).

Thank you all.

PS: I noted that sometimes after a bott, my WiFi is on. Some days ago, I made some tests (set WiFi off before power off) and these proved that this OS X (10.11.4) turned WiFi On by itself, but not at each boot.