Do you know DBeaver?

If no, information can be found there:

Screen shots looks like Xojo build screens…

Apparently, they have a module to display the Data Base TABLEs graphically (between other things).

We use dbeaver every day. It is an excellent database tool. You can manage postgres and sqlite databases at the same time.

The graphical representation is on available with the enterprise edition, $299. The personal edition should be fine for most applications, $99.
They are continually improving their product.

i know this tool :slight_smile:
there was a link in github for direct download

But, as seen on this page from GitHub:


Free multi-platform database tool for developers…

Their screen shots are Xojo looking…

what do you mean by that? I dont think they are Xojo looking at all, and its written in java…

I know, I read…

But look at this image:

from a google search on SQL and found DBeeaver… then my eye saw that image…

That is something that can be created using Xojo. And that was why I looked more cmlosely at it (and fortunately, its size is great enough…).

But I do not care (nor bad nor good), and I was not making advertisement for or against that software.

I would use pink instead of that red, but it is only me (this red looks aggressive to my eye, majenta is just a warning color).

Also wouldnt have guessed Xojo from that image tbh