Do you charge seperately for each OS Version of your Apps?

The question is, if you had an app that lets say you were charging $100 for, would you throw in Windows, Mac and Linux versions at that price? Or would you charge $100 for each or some discounted price for each additional OS version?

For me, it is not the operating system used that counts, but the number of seats used. I don’t care whether the customer works with macOS, Windows or Linux…


I don’t sell by the seat, I do per user. What I’m trying to decide is if a users wants more than just one of the 3 Desktop OS versions, if I want to consider each OS version a separate licensed copy of the product.

For apps sold on the Mac and Windows app stores, you obviously don’t have much choice. For other apps, I usually license by user or site.


Yeah, I don’t do the App Stores. Currently, it’s just by the user. I could see by the site depending on the app and if it made sense.

My main app is about $50
I discount ‘the other OS’, but dont include it for that price.
If I charged $100, I would. :wink:

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I sell by the user/account. The purchase is tied to the user’s email address, they can use it however they like.


This is something you need to decide as a part of your overall pricing and product strategy.

You have to figure out what the solutions are that you can provide, and what differentiating features are important to your target customers.

You can oversimplify your pricing model and end up leaving a lot of money on the table. You can also over-complicate your pricing and confuse your customers.

What are you trying to sell?

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Well, our licenses are all cross platform.
I simply expect people to have multiple operation systems in use.

But basically this depends on your model.

  • for our Xojo plugins we charge per developer (user)
  • for DynaPDF plugin we charge different for the 4 levels.
  • for LibXL there is a price per platform, but the Enterprise license is for all platforms.
  • some accounting app may do everything without license except printing/exporting the reports

The key is to collect money over the year to make a living. How you do it is your choice. But you may want to collect more money from the people with money or a company and provide cheaper ways for hobby users.