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Today my house lost power. The phone system isn‘t working,yet. I‘m trying to use the personal hotspot on my MacBook. But Chrome tells me that there is no internet. Goggle is the only working website. I added the Goggle dns server But I still can‘t connect to the internet. What else can I try?

I’ve never had to manually configure the DNS for my personal hotspot.

Some background questions that might help:
Does your service provider require activation of this feature?
Are you using an iOS or Android device as the hotspot?
Are you using dongle mode or creating a wifi hotspot?

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Good questions. Favourite Sister was able to successfully use her iPhone as hotspot. I‘ using an iPhone, too.

I think that I‘ m trying to do Wifi hotspot.

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If all you’re trying to do is connect to the internet from your MacBook, the only thing you should need to do on the MacBook is connect to your phone’s hotspot… assuming that your carrier allows that. For instance, mine (AT&T) no longer allows hotspots on the cheapest plans.

You could also try opendns ·

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(I really hate typing on an iPhone)

Favourite Sister is on the same plan that I have. She can connect her iPad to the iPhone. I can‘t connect the Macbook to my or her iPhone.

Open dns didn‘t work either.

Make sure your network settings are set to get an IP address automatically. I use a static address at home and usually forget when I go to use the hotspot to switch that.

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@Beatrix_Willius I remember that you are using little snitch as a firewall, perhaps that one blocks such a hotspot connection?

Nope, I tried that, too. Main power is back. Internet is good as well as both computers - thanks the gods.

I’ll have a look again at the personal hotspot when my nerves aren’t as frayed.

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