DNS lookup (A and MX records)

I just cant find any integrated function to do a dns lookup. Please tell me thats possible without any external plugins or such.
Xojo must have a simple DNS lookup feature somewhere, thats almost standard with any other language.

There is the System.Network module.
I don’t see a way to specify which record (A/MX/NS), though.

I dont believe you can do this without declares at the very least since you need access to fairly low level network API’s

Seriously? Xojo cant do a DNS lookup for A or MX record? I cant believe that. Is there anything Xojo can actually do without the need for expensive plugins? Almost every bigger project I planned to do with Xojo is screwed because there is always something Xojo cant do. Thats slowly frustrating.

you can do a lot of things with declares. just have to find the right ones …

@Guenter Kraemer - You should be able to use a Shell object to call dig on macOS and Linux and NSLookup on Windows.

I do not like to call cmd line tools, I expect to have basic functions integrated in a programming language, or at least made available somehow without paying for plugins.

What is the problem with paying a few dollar to use someone else’s code, who may have spend thousands of hours to prepare something for you?

someone who want to use a dns lookup must already be familiar with cmd line …

I cant rely on third party plugins. Nobody can guarantee that the plugin(s) will be still updated in the years to come. Maybe the developer decide to retire the plugin projects and I cant get bugs fixed or updates. What shall I tell our customer when they wont get their issues fixed (due to a bug in a plugin)?
Thats the reason I like to use internal functions. Shell is fine, but will nslookup or dig work on 150k enduser machines? Maybe some OS setting will block the execution of dig or nslookup.

We are making plugins for always 20 years and are just 2 years younger than Xojo Inc. itself.

The plugin will work in years unless something major changes.
We know that, because a lot of people continue to use older versions and are happy.

Please sign up for a trial and test them.

Also how about meeting Xojo developers at the European Xojo Conference?