Diving into Xojo plugin development...

Hey folks, back in the community after a long break and want to get my feet wet in possible plugin development for Xojo. Where is a good place to start? Most of the things I’ve searched for contained broken links, and are no longer applicable (some articles w/ attached examples would be awesome). Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!

A couple resources

Program Plugins with Xojo in Windows Version 2.0

Plugin starter guide


Great to see another possible plugin developer. I did the same last year, but I’m only ankle deep at the moment. I’ve got to the level of being able to lookup a value in a dictionary from my plugin. I’ve searched and other than what already comes with Xojo, there is virtually nothing in regards to example plugin projects out there to examine to see how it’s done.

Get the above http://rblibrary.com publication, it helped me a little.

I hope Xojo can supply more examples in future releases.


Note that you are soon able to develop plugins in Xojo itself.


I would start with the little material there is, compile the BoxControl plugin or one of the libraries depending on what you aim to do. Get it to build on the platforms you want to support so you have full round.

Then ask questions here which you will need since there is little material to go on. There is nothing wrong with asking a lot, the only wrong question in this is the one that was not asked.

We’ve updated the all of the examples in the plugin SDK for 2018r2 - something to watch for when it’s released.

This is dirty thing xojo can not create library and plugin part is not clear for developer for create their own plugins

The ability to create plugins for Xojo using Xojo is on the roadmap, so it’s something they’re either working on now, or will be at some point in the not too distant future…

Don’t promise too much Anthony. It’s on the roadmap for nearly 4 years already and up till now overtaken every time by other big needs like API 2.0, Web 2.0, Android, Dark mode, LLVM. And the next one is already there: build for Apple new ARM technology. Also this one will have quite some impact and impossible to avoid.

Sure, but “not too distant future” is pretty vague and subjective. That could mean anything from one day in the future to 10 years in the future, to next millenium depending on any number of factors. I don’t know if they’ve actually done any work on it, but I’d bet that they have a plan in place and path forward to delivery if it’s on the Roadmap. I could be wrong, though.

If you told people you’d be at their house “in the not too distant future” and showed up in 10 years they’d think you were off your rocker (assuming they still lived there)
Webster roughly equates this idiom to “soon”

I won’t get in to an argument over the meaning of words or phrases. The point being: at some point it will happen and we’re closer now than we likely ever have been.

When someone said:

TWO YEARS AGO my reaction was

And here we are two years later with another optimistic “not too distant future”.

So, lol

@Aran Ahsan, Xojo will have the ability to create plugins in the future, could be another 2 years, could be 10 or more. So, dont hold your breath on that

It’s coming, and now that it’s on the Roadmap we’ll likely see it in the near future. We all know that Xojo does sometimes ship multiple new features in a single release, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that it could be available as soon as 2020R3 or 2021R1. The fact that it’s on the Roadmap does mean something.

I, for one, would rather be optimistic.

“Plugins in Xojo” was announced 5 years ago.

[quote=493800:@Hal Gumbert]“Plugins in Xojo” was announced 5 years ago.
It’s a good thing that we all understand how priorities can change.

very well

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Only Xojo really knows when things will ship unless they tell other peeps. Maybe Anthony, an MVP, was approved to leak some info he’s privy to?

I guess we’ll know “not too distant future”.

Unfortunately, the state of this feature isn’t something I know about, let alone can leak. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, too, and can’t wait until it’s available.