Distribution profile.. yet again

Im building for App store and getting a message to say a distribution profile is required for the app store.
I don’t think Im missing any… there are none left for me to download.
I have
iPhone developer 21 Jun 2020
iPhone Distribution 21 Jun 2020 (although one says Jeffery Tullin and one says Jeff Tullin…)
Mac developer
Developer ID Installer
Developer ID Application
Apple Distribution
3rd party stuff

… all well in date

Which one is wrong/missing?

I am also having massive problems with this. I think I have tried everything. I kind of almost made it after making a wildcard one instead of an App specific one, building a test app in Xcode but then I just got a different error. I’m now at a complete loss. The development profile works ok. The distribution one… no idea!

Not just me then.
I’ve deleted everything
Created new everything.
Nothing works, and right now Im not sure if in the process I haven’t messed up my normal Mac code signing too.

Theres no diagnostics available for this.
Annoyingly, if I open Xcode , create an app of the same signature, and build for app store, it will happily do it, saying it has requested the right stuff automatically.
But Xojo cant see it.

So after much deleting and re-deleting and recreation of manual and Xcode generated certificates and deleting the provisioning profiles from ~Library/Mobile Device/Provisioning Profiles I almost made it again… this time with a wildcard distribution profile, but now I get a different error:

Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild

Where do I allow this?

Isnt that a setting in Xcode itself?
You create a project with the same signature and set it to auto sign.
I managed to get mine to work but I cant say what it was that did the trick.
Ive spent a week revoking, recreating, downloading, double clicking…
Things started working after I had tried with Xojo 2018 and got an error about Xcode 11 libraries, and later went back to 2019

It’s baaack - Xojo 2019r2 + Xcode 11, “A distribution profile is required when building for the app store.” I have a clean, fresh, downloaded one, I have restarted Xcode, and still no joy. Anyone?

Open Xcode > Settings > Accounts > Select your Apple ID if you have more than one > ‘Download Manual Profiles’ button

Matt " I almost made it again… this time with a wildcard distribution profile, but now I get a different error:"

I found that I couldn’t get anything to work with a wildcard profile. Needed a specific profile for the app I was building. Went for the App Store one.

I’m having this problem too.
In Xojo, I show two teams, both named the same. I don’t understand where these are coming from.
I’ve done Jeremie’s suggestion above, and it still isn’t working.

Is it possible to clean it all out and start again? Should I do that?
How frustrating.

I found that appWrapper is a useful guide to this. When I tried to wrap an app recently, it complained that I had duplicates of 3rd party Mac developer and a number of other issues after I ran the application diagnostics tool. I then searched through the Keychain utility to find and delete duplicates, and various bits that had no code signing certificates.
I then had to curate a specific profile for the app, and make sure that the bundle identifier in the app was the same as the one I created.
Then it all settled down.
In the past, I would have had to go to the apple developer site, delete everything, then delete everything from my computer and start again.
Thank you heaps Sam for creating and maintaining appWrapper!

Jeremie wrote “Open Xcode > Settings > Accounts > Select your Apple ID if you have more than one > ‘Download Manual Profiles’ button”

When I did this, I got a lot of extraneous profiles without certificates, because I had mis-created them. Then I had to go ti Keychain and manually delete the ones not working, because the duplicates. were stopping the good ones form doing their thing.