Distribution profile req

We have some applications and we would like to upload one of them to the AppStore.
I checked the “Build For App Store” switch before building, and it says that i need a distribution profile.
I tried the followings:
-log out of xcode, log in to xocde
-restart xojo
-restart xcode

I have the iOS Development and iOS Distribution on the “signing identities” list in xcode
I have the iOS Team Provisioning profile: myprofile with expiration date in 2017/12/23.
Did i miss something? Is there any option i should give a try?

Other than religiously following all the steps, what worked for me is not using a generic “*” profile and instead using one specific to each app.

Also make sure you’ve gone into the Xcode preferences and that the profiles are downloaded.

Thank you, i set a fix id and downloaded it, now its working