dissolving images

I want to include an image that will dissolve into another image on a web app page. Being too lazy to try this technique before asking the question. Can any body advise if the following will work;
Place 2 canvasses on a page both of the same dimensions directly over the top of the underlying canvas.
Load 2 pictures into each of the canvases
Make the underlying canvas’s transparency 100% and the top canvas 0% transparent
Increase the transparency of the top canvas (fade out) while increasing the transparence of the underlying canvas(fade in).
Should this work?

That really needs to be done client-side. You should be able to do it with a WebAnimator.

Any particular reason? Are web animators compatible with Xojo web edition

WebAnimator is a Xojo Web Edition control. Because of latency, you won’t get a smooth transition effect if you attempt to draw the animation from the server. It really all needs to happen on the client’s machine.