Displaying raw bytes within a TextArea

I have the need to display raw text in a TextArea. However, my attempts always result in the control showing nothing, but the Text property can be examined in the debugger and all of the raw content is there. The data is all within the normal 256bit ASCII range, but has no encoding assigned. I’ve even tried walking the 4K of data and using ChrB() to append it.

Does anyone have a tip on how to get a TextArea to display raw character values? Or a different way to handling display non-encoded bytes?

you need some type of encoding, as 0x80 to 0xFF has no predefined meaning… ASCII is only 0x00 to 0x7F

That’s the issue in that I need to display them without encoding or the TextArea tries to turn them into readable text and messes things up far worse than not showing them.

then I suggest you scan thru and replace them with something that indicates to you what you wish to see, as they are not ASCII characters

Okay, that gets my first “D’oh” of the day :D. Sometimes we are too close to see the problem as it really exists.


Reading it into a MemoryBlock and THEN stepping through and AppendText’ing ChrB(rawData.Byte(charPos)) sorted this out.