Displaying Google Keep and Google Calendar Information in a Project

After using Xojo for a couple of months (whenever I have gotten a break from work that is) and learning how to embed content from the web, I am now looking to take my “little information kiosk” program to the next level. So far I have implemented a dynamic self-correcting analogue clock (it adjusts based on the user’s location) and a 5-day weather forecast widget. Now I am thinking of adding some code which pulls the top 3 or 5 notes from the user’s Google Keep account and rotates them on a loop every few seconds with a similar thing also pulling the information from Google Calendar so the user is kept up to date with his schedule. The schedule and notes will still be written externally from the program (e.g off an iPhone or another computer) so this isn’t an issue, it’s just a case of displaying this stored information.

The idea of my computer kiosk project is to not have to use a mouse or keyboard, but to simply walk up to the screen and be able to see everything that one will need for the day. Weather info, news, notes and reminders, calendar schedule etc. I would also appreciate any extra ideas for things to include into the project.

The questions I hope to get answered in this conversation are:
What is the most effective way of pulling and displaying this information? (I’m happy to stick with just 1 Google Keep account per kiosk display so I won’t need to switch between multiple accounts)
What blocks / key concepts of code will I need for this part of the project? (I’m always looking to learn from more experienced people)
And finally, does anyone know of any similar projects with explanations / examples of the work?