Displaying Container Controls

What’s the best way to instantiate a container control such that it behaves like a popup dialog box?

Right now I drag and drop an instance in the container control onto the web page i want to display it on. (Within the IDE).
I mark that container as ‘invisible’ and when I want to display it i set its visibility to true.
This is OK, but the windows pop up location is a bit of a problem. It is usually where it was place relative to the web page it was placed on in the IDE.
Thus the IDE become crowded with all the windows that could be shown at run time.

At one time I would actually create the container control using dim obj as new MyCC and then using embed within to get the window to show up.
However this is difficult to manage as you must tie the events to methods in the web page class and position the window, then unlink everything when the window is closed. It scares me because I need to use weak / strong pointers to object and methods…

I much prefer the ability to just drop the container on my web page in the IDE, but then I hate having my IDE crowded with dialogs.