Displaying App Version

Hi all,
I have written my App…and it works fine after building on Win10 and Catalina (open champagne bottle after porting from a VB6 app)

My issue seems simple. All I want to do is display the App Version number in an About box.

My App lis called LandsatTools and I tried:


but this throws up an error with a red bug saying This Item does not exist

Changing it to:


works just fine…but the message box is blank.

I would be grateful if someone could please show me what I am doing wrong

Many thanks



other exists…

Thanks Emile
I still get the same blank message box when I use the App.Version as suggested in the documentation:


If I use the notation:


it still says Item does not exist!

Go to the Shared build settings. Anything in the “Version” box will be what shows in App.Version. I suspect you want to display the Major and Minor versions, which you can build into a string using App.MajorVersion and App.MinorVersion.

MessageBox(App.MajorVersion + “.” + App.MinorVersion + “.” + App.BugVersion)

Does that work?

[quote=492284:@Mark Cresswell]If I use the notation:

Where do you read this kind of code in Xojo ?

Use App.Version not .Version or what Bill wrote above.

Thanks Bill

That actually throws up an error message. I fixed it by converting the version digits to a string:

MessageBox(App.MajorVersion.tostring + "." + App.MinorVersion.tostring + "." + App.BugVersion.tostring)

That version now works fine.


Whoops, that’s what I get for doing it in the browser and not testing my code first. LOL