Display the last 3 images!

I have a SQLITE DB with the name of each image file in a column
How can I retrieve and display the last 3 image files that were inserted?
Thank you for your help.

have a field in each row that records the insertion date and time, or some increasing order and sort by that, then take the last 3

Otherwise, you cant reliably do it… a SQL select doesnt promise to return things in any particular order unless you apply a SORT

if each row gets an increasing number, then you can take the highest number, and select rows

where rownumber >= maxnumber -2

rownumber is ‘select max(rownumber) from table’ … you could have that in the SQL, using something like

where rownumber >= (select max(rownumber) from table) -2

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Do you have an index that auto-increment? In other words can you do a
SELECT image_name FROM image_table ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 3


Thanks, I’ll give it a try