Display Layer Issue with TextField


I am using a TextField control to overlay a HTMLViewer control in the lower left corner. I keep it invisible until StatusChanged event to show the URL under the mouse. On this website the TextField appears under the flash video frame. I don’t see a way to tell the TextField control to stay on top. What am I missing?


The Flash plugin renders it’s content on top of everything else. I see this often when web developers try to do this on a web page.

Is there a way to tell Xojo that TextField is in Window and not HTMLViewer even though it is located in lower-left of HTMLViewer and therefore would display on top?

It’s not that simple. As I recall, the plugin makes OS calls to display the video, and that is what forces it to the front. Have you tried using a tooltip or a label?

I needed to changed the background color so couldn’t use Label. Will look at Tooltip. Thanks.