Display differences

I’m building my first Xojo app and have opened the Eddie’s electronics example. When I expand the database icon I’m seeing a number of methods. However when I expand the icon in my app, the tables in my database are displayed. I was expecting to see the tables in the Eddie’s electronics displayed. I’m using v18r1.1 on Windows 10. Can someone explain the difference.

I guess you are talking about this:

If you look close the icons are different. Eddie’s electronics is using a controller (first image), the second image show a SQLiteDatabase added to the project with the Insert - Database - New SQLite Database option.

Now that you mention it, I can see the icon differences, but if both databases have existing tables, why am I seeing the tables in mine and not in the EE example?

Because in Eddie’s is not a database reference is a controller.

Edit: sorry if I’m not using the correct terms, English is not my first language and I’m not a professional programmer.

Eddie’s Electronics does not have a SQLite database added to the app like you have in your project.

For more flexibility, the OrdersDatabase in Eddie’s Electronics is a subclass of the SQLiteDatabase class. It connects to the database file at run-time. On the OrdersDatabase subclass are a variety of methods used to retrieve data from the database.

More about connecting to SQLite databases is here:

And here’s a video as well:

When I do a mouseover on the EE Orders Database it indicates the superclass is a SQLite database and when I look under controllers I cannot find that icon?

I presume you mean when you look in the Library you don’t see a SQLite database icon? That is true, as it is not a UI control.

In this case you can add it to the project by adding a new class (using Insert) and then setting its Super property to SQLiteDatabase.

OK, I’ve added new class but under Super Properties, SQLiteDatabase is not listed.

I get this:

I had seen the ‘Connecting to a database’ earlier, so I’ll try that. The EE example appears like the app I’m developing except I have about 50 tables in my db.

Thanks all!