Display Cmd, Option, and Shift icons in a textfield or label


I’m making global shortcuts for my StatusMenu App and am trying to display the icons of the Modifier keys (Cmd, Option, Shift and Ctrl) in a textfield or label of a window. Guessing I have to use the System Font. Can anyone help?

Am starting out with predefined and locked values for my shortcuts, though it would be nice for the user to be able to specify and save their own key combos’ and for their chosen combinations to be displayed with the modifier icons in the preferences window.

If anyone has an example they would like to share :wink:

No need for a specific font: ⇧⇪⌃⌘⌥ (shift, caps lock, control, command and option).
As a side note, I’ve built my custom keyboard layout so I don’t have to look up in the characters palette, where they are, too. :wink:

thanks, of course, its UTF8, silly me

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