Display a numbers document

Hi everyone,

Has anyone successfully displayed a macOS numbers spreadsheet inside a Xojo app?

I have my Income and Expenses numbers documents created and working, but I would like to have them appear inside a window created in Xojo, instead of having to open the Numbers app.

Any advice appreciated.

If you don’t want to open Numbers and plan to use a Xojo app, why not use a different storage format?

I can convert it into an Excel .xls, but then have the same issue.

I know there is an Excel book created by Eugene, but it seems to be for Windows only, and from 2016?

I meant more like SQLite, an actual data storage format.

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i found an older answer in web from 2012. ms office files are also a zip which contains xml files.

Files with extension “.numbers” as saved from the Application Numbers is really a zip file which contains a plist, and xml file, a tiff and other files. It is easy to look at the contents by taking an existing Numbers file, changing the extension to .zip, then uncompressing.

this explain only the export into other format but maybe possible to automate.

Convert Numbers spreadsheets to PDF, Microsoft Excel, and more

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