Disappearing textfields in tabpanel

I have an app that has some textfields and textareas in the window proper and some in tabpanels. When the app is running everything shows up properly. However, when I happen to open something on the desktop, like a folder, the borders of the textareas and textfields on the tabpanels vanish while the contents remains visible. Moving the cursor over the textfields will let the borders redraw (even if the app is not selected). It makes no difference if the fields are set to autodeactivate or not. Switching to a different tab in the tabpanel and then back to the one originally displayed has all of the textfield borders again redrawn.

The textfields that are in the window itself, rather than on the tabpanel, are unaffected. Only the ones on the tabpanel show the aberration.

I don’t know if this is a known issue or not. For the record, I’m running 2014r2.1 on 64-bit Windows 7.

I’m also having a fit with control updating under Windows 7 and Xojo 14r2.1 right now. I have a listbox on a window that contains the selected drive’s hierarchy, and when I expand one of the folders, the entire window goes blank and then redraws one control at a time. In my case, this occurs in a Page Panel within a Tab Panel.

Even going back to 13r1 shows the same oddness in Windows.

The code runs very cleanly on OS X and Linux.

This is definitely related to the use of a page panel / tab panel. I created a fresh window with the contents of one of my panels and opened it instead of changing tabs and the window and its contents display instantly. More testing for a feedback report coming … (who needs lunch, anyway :slight_smile: ).