Disappearing controls in 2021 rel 3

So, as I can’t see it in the documentation, what’s the current equivalent/replacement? If there’s none, what is the functional indicated substitute? Please, update the docs about options.

It seems to have been “replaced” with DesktopSeparator. DesktopSeparator draws a straight line, either horizontal or vertical based on the Width and Height values, just like the Slider control. No way to have it draw a diagonal.

Yeah thanks Dale, noticed that. No color or thickness properties.

NO, DesktopSeparator replaces the Separator. That is a different control.

“replaced” in quotes = sarcasm.


Only vertical and horizontal lines. The loss of the line control is a big problem for me.

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The line control was completely wonky. It was not reliable at all, and seemed to have a life of its own at random.

I have replaced it by rectangles 1 px high or wide for years when horizontal or vertical.

Under recent Windows versions, using a canvas to obtain obliques may prove challenging since it is no longer transparent.

Yes, I replaced my lines with rectangles too. 3px thickness in my case.

Same. Dumped Line early on in favor of Rectangle.

Not here. I used to draw lines in Graphics…

I never clicked or anything else with Lines.