Disable scroll in textarea?

For some reason, I have a textarea that when you click and hold in the emulator creates a scrollbar that allows you to scroll up and down.

It may be that my textarea is larger than the text in it, but I have others that are also larger but no scrollbar appears when clicking on them. Any way to control this.

BTW, the textarea is ONLY used to display text, not for data input.

You can turn ‘Editable’ off in the properties for the text area and that should do it.

Tried that but it didn’t work. It is off by default.

You may want to try an iOSLabel. It looks terrible in the IDE, but it renders multiline text very nicely upon run.

Or try it with

Declare Sub setScrollEnabled lib "UIKit.framework" selector "setScrollEnabled:" (id as ptr, value as Boolean) setScrollEnabled me.handle, false
in the open event of your textarea. Or, of course, use iOSLib where there is a small iOSTextArea extension with exactly that method as a virtual property! :wink:

The problem was that the text area was a little to small to accommodate all the text. Once I resized the textarea so that all the text was displayed, the scrolling stopped.