Disable screen scaling?

I’m sure I’m asking for something that cannot be done but…
Is it possible (somehow) to prevent screen scaling from affecting my app?
I have a solution that was made to specification - a specific screen resolution - but on Windows screen scaling always makes it clip.

Worst case scenario, I detect it and message the user what’s happening.

In the Shared build settings, disable Supports Hi-DPI.


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Do not forget to inform your users; I am not sure about the % of the Windows users that knows about this feature… (and how to revert it if you do not do that when your application left)…

Emile, that’s handled automatically. There is no system level change happening.

Good to know.

Thanks guys.

After being on vacation I’m coming back to this. Not allowing it to support hi-dpi doesn’t fix it.
If the user scales their screen my app still blows up or shrinks to fit.

So I’m betting there is no way for me to handle this other than to message the user when I detect that they are in a display smaller than the software requires.