Disable Enable Button

i have a simple web app with a page and a container control.
this container have a yes and no button and a question. and some questions have a image.
if a button is pressed it show the next question.

how can i prevent that the user not clicked so often and skip a question?
at least there is one delay if a image is loaded the user could click again and skip this dialog.

i tried to use enable false with text “…” and enable true with default text for this buttons
but it seems not to work and i also had a side effect that the state was displayed wrong.

is there a way to clear the click event list?

WebButtons have an “AutoDisable” property that will disable the button when it is clicked on the browser side to avoid receiving multiple Action events on the server side. I think this is what you’re looking for.

thank you.
yes seems that is what i need.
i will use soon.