disable browser back button


although this is of course browser specific: has anyone an idea how to programatically disable the end users’ browser features, such as ‘page back’ and ‘page forward’?

I’d like to switch all this stuff off in order to hinder the user to flip between the application’s pages in this casual way.


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It seems possible for the Back button in JavaScript or something. I have noted that some sites are able to delete all previous browsed pages, so the browser thinks it is viewing the very first page. No idea how to proceed, but another member may have the magic recipe.

In the meantime, you can always ask the user to confirm he wants to quit the current page with WebSession.ConfirmMessage.

Hi Michel,

thanks for the hint - this may help as a workaround…

Has another solution been found for this yet?

You can’t disable the back button, or modify the browser history.

The only thing you can do is update the current entry to be the current page (effectively not adding the previous page to the browser history.) It’s what Google does, and it’s #$%&!$@ annoying.

I strongly believe that instead of disabling the back button you should be seeing it as a feature. If your app is also targeted to Android devices, user will want to use the back button to… Go back.

What I usually do in my webapps is set a different hash for each page. When the user hits the back button it will go to the previous hash.
Using the session hash changed event you can load the previous page or just deny the change of hash and set it back to the one it was.