Disable a PopupMenu's InitialValue?

Is it possible to prevent the InitialValue of a PopupMenu from being selected?

I set the InitialValue, in order to provide a short explanation of what the PopupMenu does, but I do not want the user to be able to actually select it as their choice.

Basically, the user makes a choice from the PopupMenu, and it appears in a TextField.
I therefore, need to with prevent the user from being able to select it, OR prevent it from displaying in the TextField if they click on it.

Thank you all in advance.

Just add something like this in the change event or wherever you copy the selected option to your text field :

if me.text = "Select the right choice..." then return

User can select, but it does nothing.

If me.listIndex > 0 Then
// do something
End if

Your instructions are (should be) listIndex 0

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: