I want to ask if there are (any) disadvantages using Xojo for developing web apps…

Xojo web apps are no web standard like e. g. PHP - my this be a problem?

Does any browser support Xojo web apps?

Does Javascript have to be enabled of using Xojo web apps?

And may JavaScript components like Mobiscroll (https://mobiscroll.com) or jQWidgets (http://www.jqwidgets.com) e used with Xojo?


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Very vast question. Big advantage : simplicity of development. Does not require much prior knowledge.

Depends on the host you choose. If it is Xojo Cloud or ServerWarp from 1701, that is pretty much a turnkey situation.

Yes, apart maybe for very old versions. See http://developer.xojo.com/system-requirements for current requirements for Web

Most definitely. It would not work otherwise.

Not without some doing. I would suggest that these products, especially the second one, are more competitors to Xojo than complementary.

Unless you are very familiar with javaScript, you will find Xojo much easier to use.

…ok, thank you very much!!!

And sorry for my vast question… :wink:

I would definitely say the biggest advantage to Xojo Web is how quickly you can get an app up and running.
I would add that if you have knowledge of any other web technology, those will give you a better result in the long run.

…maybe two more last question:

cgi scripts are still “starte of the art”, or not?

Have not heard of anyone using this “technology” for years.

Xojo web apps are stable, right?


Tim, thank you very much!

I had hoped that I could “expand” Xojo web apps with other web technologies, if necessary… maybe I am wrong.

Again, thank you very much!

Going to try Xojo for building a 1st small web app…

You can, look in the Extras folder, then WebSDK.
In there is how you can create your own custom controls using whatever you wish.
I even made a tool to help make empty WebControlWrappers: http://webgen.timi.me

[quote=323761:@Olaf Wolter]…maybe two more last question:

cgi scripts are still “starte of the art”, or not?

Have not heard of anyone using this “technology” for years.

Xojo web apps are stable, right?[/quote]

Xojo generates cgi applications as well as standalone. Personally, I prefer cgi, because it is extremely simple to deploy : upload, and that’s it. This is the way Xojo Cloud work as well.

Now, when you say “cgi scripts”, if you mean Perl scripts, it is a whole different language. Fine where it is needed. But is kind of antediluvian as compared to the full graphic IDE of Xojo.

Xojo Web apps are stable enough for me using a Xojo Web app as listener for Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN).

Yes, you can mix other technologies with Xojo. I recently used a small Php script to carry out download within my Xojo software delivery app. I simply launch the script from the Xojo app and the user never sees a line of code.

You can do the same with Perl scripts.

JavaScript is built in Xojo with ExecuteJavaScript.

That said, I do not reach for other languages unless Xojo cannot carry out a task. It is far better to avoid complex assemblies, let alone to facilitate maintenance. But if you already have an existing solution, it is doable.

BTW a lot of programmers fall for language snobism. Especially web developers. One day the swear by the latest library for JavaScript, the next day by Php. Perl is often looked down on by these people, demonstrate more their flakiness than true, solid and tried competence. Yet cgi powers quite a number of professional sites.

Programming should not be about fashion, but about results.

…thank you Michel and Tim!

Your answers habe been very helpful!!!

There one thing left - Xojo web apps and SEO.

But I will search the forum for this 1st…

Again, thank you very much!

I precisely posted an answer yesterday along those lines.


Unless your app is a catalog, usually the content of a web app is extremely limited as compared to web sites. A few buttons with OK or Cancel do not constitute adequate material for bots to index.

However, if you plan to have more extensive a content, you can indeed have search engines index your app. Basically, it takes creating as many HTML pages (no frills, text only, no formatting) as there are in your app, and submit a virtual directory to the search engine.

The app will then serve the content to the search engines for indexing based on a virtual directory structure through HandleURL. When a regular client visits such page, your app will redirect it to a regular webpage with a command line argument, for instance


It is actually simpler than it sounds, and we are here to assist.

You questions is as already pointed out quite vast. Being a JavaScript / PHP developer for 10+ years I have only recently completed a small Xojo Web App deployed in a very small scale.
There are many things to consider when selecting a development platform do but simply looking at how easy it is to develop may be dangerous. We have developed several JavaScript/PHP web-sites with hundreds of simultaneous active users time and I would not even consider Xojo for those applications.

PHP-FPM uses CGI to run pre-compiled PHP scripts, so the technology is very much alive (at least in Apache-world, don’t know about nginx or any other web-server).

Indeed, Php and JavaScript are able to support more simultaneous connections without extra load balancing. But it takes IMHO more competence to build an elegant and operational solution in these languages.

Ease of use typical of Xojo Web is not to be ignored for someone who has little to moderate mastery of web management. Could be all the difference between a working app, and the never finished one.

Definitely as I pointed out in my xDev article about our first Xojo Web project :slight_smile:

I tend to regard Xojo Web as an excellent solution for relatively small traffic. It does the job for my sites, with usually less than 50 simultaneous connections.

Note that all my web sites are primarily HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Web apps being used only where more engineering is required. The best of both worlds IMHO.

Trying to devise a web app that replaces an entire HTML site is not impossible, but it is akin to using a sports car to go fetch some snacks at the corner street market.

…thank you very much!

Found two different tools (Scriptcase, PHP-Runner) which also seem to be very easy for beginners - but very powerful, and proven for really “big” projects.

Everytime I open a Xojo web app, also demos sites available on the www, I get a message where I have to allow my browser to open theese sites.

Thank you very much for all your input - very interesting!!!



What do you mean ? What is the exact message ? On which URLs ?

We created web apps using xojo which insanely complex. Our entire company is running on a large xojo project which we sell to local authorities here in Germany. we made it also cloud compatible to handle big numbers of users.

It’s true, on app instance cannot run a lot of simultaneously users. One reason is because one app is always running on one CPU core. You need one instance for every core. We solved this with load balancing. Sometimes we have ten active instances of the same app.

Thats nothing for freetime coders, but a acceptable compromise for professionals. The time we save in developing and implementing new features, instead of using ordinary web technologies (php, html, js, node.js …) is worth that.

So: yes, you can develop large apps in xojo. The disadvantages are mostly solvable. But sure, Xojo cannot competit with enterprise tools like a huge Java or Go app.

At this point, I am not even sure the OP has a precise image of what he wants to do.

I know what I want to do.
I do not know how many users might connect simultaniously.

As to the error messsge:

My problem I believe; Safari browser message asking if message center is allowed to send messages. It also comes with the GraffitySuite web app samples. Nothing to do with Xojo web apps in general - sorryfor that.

Thx Lars. So one app (instance) cdn only use one cpu. Will have to learn more about load balancing.

Finally, I would like to evaluate Scriptxase, PhpRunner and Xojo fir my project.

Thx to all of you…