DirectShowPropertyBagMBS.Read ..... what parameter?

Hi, as the object, I would know about the method:

DirectShowPropertyBagMBS.Read(name as string) as Variant

What can I to use as the var “name”?
There is a list of possible parameter values?

can I for example access “device instance path”? (percorso istanza dispositivo)


The DirectShowPropertyBagMBS class is like a dictionary. Let me check if I can add a function to find property names.

Maybe you better check documentation on what properties are available.

documentation of camera? I think the information I search is based on windows registry. My problem is this: i want to use two identical cameras. This is a problem if I change the port, because the cameras are inverted, but there is no way to detect this, usiny friendly name and dev path.

No, but lookup on Microsoft how they name properties like this:

Dim p As DirectShowPropertyBagMBS = dev.Properties
if p<>nil then
  // we show some properties
  dim v1 as Variant = p.Read("FriendlyName")
  dim v2 as Variant = p.Read("CLSID")

One thing I only realized now is that propertybags are not tied to DirectShow but to Windows in general. Unfortunately so far I haven’t been able to find a list of string constants I might need. Thanks for the answers given so far.

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