Digitally sign an app ?

How do I proceed to digitally sign a Xojo generated Windows EXE ?

In VB it is integrated in their IDE, but I could not find anything in Xojo.

Are external tools necessary ? Which ones ?

If anybody already done it, I will appreciate insight.

Thank you In Advance :slight_smile:

You may use kSign from kSoftware but you will need a certificate, don’t know if a temporary one released by VB may be valid.

I have already ordered a certificate, and will be trying KSign shortly. Thank you :slight_smile:

We’ve been using kSign for about a year now. Pretty happy with their offerings.

I just downloaded KSign and signed a test app with a temporary pfx, to see how this works. It is extremely simple to use. Great :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you may use the Windows SDK to sign apps using the command line interface.

Now that I have discovered an easier way, I think I will abstain CLI :wink: