Digital Ocean Droplet SSL

Has anyone gone down the path of deploying a xojo web app on Digital Ocean using their Droplets VPS?
Getting the app running on port 80 has been fairly easy, but when I compile it for port 443, I cannot reach it,
which I’m sure has to do with SSL certificate not being there.
The Digital Ocean has an option on their Web interface to setup SSL, but I can imagine that standalone requires the .crt file to be next to the apps .exe.
If anyone has successfully deployed on Digital Ocean using SSL, I’d appreciate some pointers.

(I initially hosted on Xojo Cloud, but due to CGI/Perl related bugs, that is not really an option)

Ye, @Tim Parnell made a great blog post about it. Find it here .

I’ve found out a bunch of cool things since, I just haven’t had the chance to organize everything into my next few posts yet! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

@Tim Parnell : Is the script you offer still functional?

Yes, and it should continue to work through the life of the Xojo Web product (they’ve announced Web 2.0 is underway and that it will be replacing the current web product). I intend to ensure it continues to work with Web 2.0 as well.

@Tim Parnell : Cool, this will save me quite a bit of time, thanks!

Is it just me, or isn’t it possible to choose the server location at Digital Ocean? This is a “thing” for Europeans, because of the GDPR. At least for apps falling under the GDPR.

You select the server location when creating a droplet :slight_smile:

Great, thanks a lot! I was looking for that on the website before creating a droplet. :slight_smile:

I read “GDPR” as German Democratic Peoples Republic. Come to think of it I wasn’t that far off.