Different style of Project Explorer

Has anyone seen any other programming IDE that has a Project Explorer/Navigator that looks different/better than the standard versions seen in RealBasic/Xojo, Visual Studio etc? I need to add something like this to a current project, but would like some that visually stands out while still being easy to use.

You’d think that with the number of different tools available that you’d find some that are quite different but it’s amazing how similar they all are

Personally I’ve used VB, VS, Xcode, Code Warrior, 4D, MS MASM, Think C, Symantec C, Turbo Pascal and they’re all more similar than different. Even looking at things like Eclipse & NetBeans they sure look a lot more like the rest than not.

About the only ones that didn’t look a ton like this was prograph (now Marten http://andescotia.com/products/marten/)
Very interesting tool but radically different than anything else anyones likely ever used so its a real paradigm shift.

Heck just go through the screen shots for items listed on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_integrated_development_environments

I like the jump bar in Xcode. You can close the navigator completely for all that extra space and still get around quite easily.

Agreed the jump bar is very useful

Not sure I’d want to navigate my entire project with just that though