Different Platform Interfaces, Same Codebase?

I’m currently prototyping an app on Windows, but I’ve given it a mobile-device UI. It would be a lot nicer if the desktop version had a larger display.

If I switch to a larger display, will it be just as easy to create the mobile interface for it?

In other words, can I make the back-end platform-independent and just throw the custom platform interfaces on top when I go to compile?

Not easily. You have to refactor the functionality of your app so that it’s not dependent on the interface. And you need to use multiple projects with external items.

Hi, Beatrix,

I ran across and watched this old video, and it seems to confirm what you’ve said. It would be cool if we could have multiple project folders that specified the interface for each different platform. I wonder if that’s possible. It seems it would be, if only for a very few items of code for iOS.

I have used a different tool which allows multiple targets in one “Project”, But it’s not actually any easier, you still are required to create device specific code and interfaces, so it doesn’t save any code or work (IMHO).

In fact to be honest I found it a little frustrating, as a couple of times I ended up in the wrong target (still don’t know how) and was confused by the code not looking right.

At least with separate projects, when you’re in the mobile project, all your interface and controller code is mobile. Only your logic code is shared between projects.

Although with what Apple are doing now, I guess tablet is being rolled into Desktop, or is it Desktop is being rolled into tablet?