Difference between If and Select Statements (Speed?)

I wonder if there is a deeper difference between an If statement and a Select statement?
The obvious answer is a Select statement visits each condition until a match is made.

I couldn’t find a comparable in XOJO discussion. In the Realsoftware I found one discussion

What are your thoughts?

If i’m right shere should be a difference since select case does a single type compare and if…else does multiple (1 on ech if(else)).

There should be a topic on this forum about this

Here it is:

Thanks. It didn’t show in the search

@Arthur Gabhart — If you talk about speed, “if…then” is more efficient. If you talk about versatility, “select case” can handle more cases very easily

I saw some ideas in the other post. Flexibility is nice.

I particularly like this example

[code]select case testvar
case 4,5,6
msgbox “Evaluated First”
case 6
msgbox “This one fired too” --never fires
case 8
Msgbox “not me”

case else

end select[/code]

Doesn’t a SELECT CASE list “short-circuit” to the END SELECT as soon as it has found a condition that satisfies a CASE statement?

I normally use a SELECT CASE for the sake of readability (IMHO view anyway) instead of multiple ELSEIF statements.

That is correct.
From the LR for Select Case