dialog box with input

can some one give me code to make a dialog box with text input and how to get the text returned.

this is an example from Applescript.

You have to create this yourself with a window.
Xojo does not have it buildin when you need een textfield too.

We have a 15 minute video on this, along with example project for subscribers at http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining. This is just one of over 200 videos (over 62 hours!) and most come with a project file with source you can use in your own project.

Or you could start with reading the manual.

Specifically the User Guide: User Interface PDF

Page 21

Good luck and ask more questions along the way!

Look for creating a Window and then using a textfield with two buttons (Cancel/OK).

Leaving the creation of the window up to you, the simplest way to return the contents of the text field is to have the OK button’s action event stuff the contents of the text field into a property of the window calling the dialog. Actual coding is left as an exercise of the programmer.

I am trying to create a simple modal dialog that asks for some information. User can provide data in a text field and click “OK” in which that window passes the data back to the main window and the app continues on. Or the user can click cancel window closes and the application continues on without the data.

I have the cancel part work fine. That’s easy enough. However I am struggling with returning the data to the app. Here is what I have.
Main window app is called winMain
the target field for the data requested is called taNotes and it resides with in a container called Supply

The line I have tried using to pass the data back is

Supply.taNotes = tfUpdate.Text
winMain.taNotes = tfUpdate.Text
winMain.Supply.taNotes = tfUpdate.Text

So what am I missing and does anybody have sample code to share? I thought I could build the window dynamically but appears not. Tutorials would be welcomed too.

Thanks in advanced

Take a look here:

Thank you it’s a bit more complicated than I expected but it’s what I need. Thank you and your video’s are very helpful.