DHT22 Sensor pigpio

Hi all,
has someone already a method/code at hand for reading a DHT22 sensor with pigpio?

I used wiringPI/ReadSensor from Björn Erikson (many thanks for it!) that worked like a charm, but with buster/bullseye and pigpio I am stuck.
Eugenes outstanding book did not help me that far for this particular sensor.
At the moment I use a python script, but I would like to do this in xojo only because i don’t like to use unknown external libraries (pip install …).


Well, I found a working fork of libwiringpi that compiles with bullseye.


But on the long run it’s IMHO still better to move to pigpio, not?

Hello @Rolf_Genster,

I have a DHT11 Sensor, but not a DHT22 Sensor. I am trying to find clean code to read the data, and am reading through the data pages.

Hopefully (?) I can create the code for this sensor :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was not able to get code working.

Well, that makes us two :wink:

Thanks for trying!

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