Device Rotation

I cannot find definitive documentation that discusses what devices support Portrait Upside Down and which ones do not.

I know that the “X” series do not by design
seems iPad works just fine (all size/versions)
but not any of the iPhones :frowning:

supposedly something do to with FaceID

FYI… the pList contains all the keys for all orientations for both iPhone and iPad, and the default of allbutupsidedown has been changed to all

The answer is “it depends”. From what I’ve seen, phones can only support “upside down” if the status bar has been hidden.

tried that… didn’t work :frowning:

The X series don’t, should not be up-side-down. All phones with a camera inset on the top should not be possible to have an up-side down portrait view.

Look below this section:

An answer to your question below this section:

I have several apps that do. Heck, even Apple’s own voice memo app supports upside down portrait.

Not sure what iphone model you have but i have iphone XR and the voice memo app of apple doesn’t rotate here. All X-models should not have portrait-home-on-top as there is no “home” and the cutout for the camera is in the way.

Quote from apple docs:

Ah yes. I have an iPhone 8.

I do think they should not have named the X series X as an X is turned in any orientation the same letter…

I know the X series don’t do upside down… it is the others that I can’t seem to make work. the same app on Ipad works fine