Development profile required when building iOS (Part 2)

I see that there have been other times this subject was raised but I don’t see an answer.
After 16 years of Xojo desktop development I upgraded my license to include iOS today.
I have created an iOS provisioning profile (development) and downloaded it to my desktop. I double clicked on the file and it was taken by Xcode and installed on my iPhone. Now when I build the app I get the message in the title. Am I supposed to put this provisioning profile somewhere special or drag it to the Xojo project window or somehow add it to keychain?
What do I do to satisfy Xojo that I have it?

You need to go to the build settings then select your team and the appropriate provisioning file. It’s pretty well labeled once you know where it is. Sorry this is kind of vague - I don’t have access to my computer right now.

The specific steps are outlined here:

Ad-Hoc Device Deployment

Edit (Paul): Updated URL

I followed Paul’s Ad-Hoc Device Deployment page very thoroughly and found the problems. The specific issues:

  1. In Xcode Preferences: Accounts: View Details window needed to click the refresh button in the lower left corner.
  2. I had an improper provisioning profile. I let Xcode make a wild card provisioning profile “ca.mycompany.*”, downloaded it and installed it on my iOS device.
    RESULT: Installed application on iOS device and it ran perfectly.

Note change in website page URL for Ad-Hoc Device Deployment to