Development and Testing

Hi there.
I was reading xojo is available for development and testing for free. What difference then is the paid for one.
Thanks for your time.
Alan F

Buying a license allows you to build applications for deployment.

Additionally, if you purchase a license that is not the Single Lite or Raspberry Pi license, you can save your projects in a version control software friendly text format.

Ok so I could make applications for my own windows pc but not actually use them, just develop and test.
Alan F

You could use them as well but only running within the development environment, not as standalone.

That is true without a license. With a license depending on the type of license, you can make and build applications for others too.

FREE IDE version

  • write any/all code you want for the platforms that you have
  • freely run, test and use said code, but ONLY from within the development environment
  • you cannot compile it to a stand-alone application, and you cannot deploy it for others to use without releasing the full source code to them
  • you can only save your projects in BINARY format, not in XML or VCS(text) formats


  • all of the above
  • the ability to compile to one or more platforms (depending on which license you buy)
  • this allows you to deploy a stand-alone application for others to use, or yourself without needing the Xojo IDE running
  • you can save your code in all Three(3) formats , Binary. XML and VCS(text) [Lite version is Binary Only, same as “Free”]

either version gives you access to this forum and the expert volunteers that spend way too much of their own time here :slight_smile:

Ok thanks very much for your reply’s will have a think but quite a bit for a hobby.
Alan F

Dave, very clear.
Maybe the only thing I would change is #4 from paid license, the Lite version will only let you save in binary.

Depends. I didn’t buy a licence for a couple of years, until I felt reasonably certain that I wasn’t going to hit some show-stopping problem that would mean I couldn’t finish what I had started.

I tried a car (*) a couple of years…

Don’t you think it is a bit exaggerated ?

Replace car with what you want (prefer).