Developers in Devon/Cornwall UK

Hi all,
Anybody out there who would like to hook up with other developers in Devon/Cornwall?
I live near Teignmouth South Devon and would love to meet up with others developers over a beer/coffee/laptop.
Let us know…

If you do something, I could forward it to my MBS Plugin users there.
I have one near Paignton, one near Ashwater and 6 in Plymouth.

I’m up in Somerset but regularly visit Cornwall to see family.

Hi Paul and Christian
I will be up in Glastonbury Somerset on the Saturday 10th Feb. @12.00.
A great place to meet up would be The George and Pilgrim pub.

I will pm those who are interested with my phone number.

I should be able to be there… assuming you are allowing interlopers from Berkshire :slight_smile:

10th isn’t good for me so an alternative date would be good but always good to see you Chris. Its also wales v england 6 nations that day I think so not likely to be fit to drive :slight_smile:

Great Chris ! I look forward to meeting you there :slight_smile: I will pm you my phone number.

Hi Paul no worries, once you get over your hangover we will arrange another date …

Shame you can’t make it :frowning: Good luck with the Rugby :wink:

Maybe someone starts a doodle query?

I too am in Somerset, great to see others in the South West.

Can’t make the ad-hoc meetup, but please keep me in the loop for any further potential meetups.

Ok Ian, will do, I was thinking perhaps a monthly meet up but I will give you more details when they materialise.