Developer ID Reset Puzzle

I’m trying to use AppWrapper’s new DMG Signer feature. AppWrapper sees my code signing certificate, but it says I don’t have a valid Developer ID identity.

It says Certificates need installing, and to reset the certificate(s) in Xcode.

I go to Xcode/Accounts, select my AppleID, click “View Details”, and click the “Reset” button next to my Developer ID Application identity.

That takes me to, where I click on Certificates, choose OS X, and get a list of my certificates. clicking on the Developer ID Application certificate, my only option is to download it. Nothing says “Reset”…

Now what? I can download the .cer file, but how do I get it into Xcode? It’s already in my KeyChain, if that matters.

Double click on it, Mac will offer to install it in KeyChain.

It was already installed, but I took it out and then had KeyChain add it again.

Xcode still thinks I don’t have anything, and no instructions on how to “Reset”…:frowning:

delete it from the keychain, and reinstall it by double clicking on the new certificate.

That’s exactly what I did, no luck. I also rebooted, just in case that’s what it takes for Xcode to notice.

For now, I’ll skip the .dmg signing, it won’t be essential until the new OS X anyway.

Hi John,
Can you please select “E-mail report to Ohanaware…” from the “Help” menu in the window please. This will generate an e-mail report that should help me understand what the problem is.