Detritus got you down :-(

I’m trying to update an old app (almost 2 years old, I guess that’s ancient in iOS land) so it will once again run on my iPhone. I’ve loaded the project and tested it on the simulator after making a minor fix for the new Xojo 2017. I had to change to iOSSQLiteDatabase. Now I am trying to build and I get the “resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed” message.

I’m trying to figure out what to do about this. I found a build script in another thread that used the xattr -c command and tried that, but no luck.

So after fiddling with this some more I discovered that my provisioning profile downloaded from the developer portal had finder info attached to it. For some reason my script wasn’t catching it.

So I located the profile in library/mobiledevice/configuration profiles and ran the xattr command on it. Now I can build the app.

Also, I ran into an issue while I was working on this. The editor for the build script sometimes would delete whole lines of code. I’m not sure what I did to trigger it, but it was quite annoying.

I’m having this problem again and I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried various combinations of the xattr commands in other threads on the forum, and when I ls the files I don’t see anything attached to them.

My project has one .png and the binary xojo project. Is there any way to see what file it doesn’t like? I’m using 2012r2.1. The weird thing is I just compiled this project a few days ago. The only thing that’s changed as far as I know is I moved these files into a different folder while cleaning up my drive. It doesn’t seem to make a difference where they are now though. I made a new empty folder at the top of my home folder and moved the files there. Still doesn’t work with the same detritus message.

Help please.

Figured it out. Xojo is copying the mobileprovision file into the app bundle and that file was downloaded from the developer portal. It had finder cruft from the download in the browser.

cd ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning\\ Profiles xattr -cr .

Those commands fixed it.

It’d be nice if Xojo cleaned the bundle itself.

Log a feedback request

While we could do that for you on a Mac, there’d be nothing we could do when compiling a Mac app on Windows or Linux.

Can windows or linux even support finder info? I thought that info would be lost if moving it over to a Windows or Linux machine.

Maybe I don’t understand the problem fully. I just know in this case, I didn’t actually add the file that caused the problem to my project. It was something pulled in during the build process automatically. Also, being an iOS project this couldn’t even happen on a PC or Linux box could it? iOS compiles need a Mac right?

I’ve been beating my head against this problem for two days. This solution (stripping the Finder info from the downloaded provisioning profile) solved it.

I have to say I am extraordinarily disappointed it took two days to locate this solution. I find it quite perplexing and almost unbelievable that Xojo can not spot this problem; even all the various build scripts that turn up with a Google search for this problem do not work.