Determine which Xojo version used to build app

Is there a straight forward way to examine the build files produced by Xojo for a Windows executable program and determine which version of Xojo was used to generate the program? Not within the code at runtime, but externally using a hex editor, etc.

I’ve got historical versions of a program that I’m trying to diagnose an issue with, and knowing which version of Xojo was used to build specific versions of my program would be handy for my problem analysis.


If you are using a version control system, you could probably look at the build dates and figure it out from there.

I would suggest you use XojoVersion string constant in your app somewhere. Than it’s part of the binary and can be found in the file.

I display it in the About window.

Do you have a Mac version of the app? I can tell you if it’s within the past few years, on the Mac (or you can download App Wrapper and see for yourself on a Mac).

If you stored them in XML format… the first few lines indicate what version created the file.

What about the dlls that go along with it - do they get updated with every Xojo release? Maybe you could compare the ones from your app with those copied from different versions of Xojo to find out?

You can check the DLLs by length of checksums. They change from version to version.

(Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but why isn’t there a constant in the Xojo framework that identifies this? I’ve submitted a feature request for Xojo.Version and Xojo.Platform.


Hi Tim, there is one and it’s working fine. Don’t have my laptop here and can’t remember exact syntax, but since I am using it in my applications I am sure it’s working fine. I’ll check tomorrow.


Now I feel like a total dope. Fully thing is, it wasn’t autocompleting, but after switching to 15r4.1, it does…

I would appreciate it if they’d put the version number in the Info.plist of the Framework, it would make App Wrapper’s life easier :slight_smile:

Another thing that should be an option. I’d prefer not.

Tim: care to explain?
(just curious)

No, don’t feel like that.

Everyone (here and elsewhere) at a time, loose (forget or do not notice) something.